De La Salle\'s Sikat II car finishes 3rd in its class at World Solar Challenge

School\'s best finish since joining in 2007
Oct 22, 2013


Sikat II, De La Salle University\'s solar car which had run in the 2011 World Solar Challenge, finished third in its class in the recently concluded 2013 running of the biennial race in Australia--the school\'s best-ever finish since it first joined the race in 2007.

Competing against seven other solar-powered cars in the Adventure Class, which the race organizer describes as the category for \"teams with solar cars built for previous events,\" Sikat II ran a total of 2,487km, beating its counterparts from Hong Kong, Japan and the United States.

Though Sikat II failed to cover the entire 3,021km route between the cities of Darwin and Adelaide, the distance the car had completed was enough to secure for the team--which consisted of 20 mechanical and electrical engineering students and six faculty members from DLSU--the third-place finish.

\"WSC is not just an ordinary car race where the fastest always emerge victorious,\" said Sikat Solar Challenge Foundation chairman Federico Lopez. \"What makes this competition special is that it serves as a venue for teams to share and learn new knowledge from each other.\"

SSCF is a non-government organization that aims to raise awareness on alternative sources of energy like solar power.

\"Congratulations, Team Sikat Solar Philippines, for you\'ve gone a long way since you started in 2007,\" Lopez added. \"You\'ve brought honor to and served as an inspiration for many Filipinos to think out of the box. Renewable energy remains a young concept in our country, but I hope your experience and exposure have put you in a good position to help the country address the long-standing problems of oil price hikes in the future.\"

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Photos below by Jerome Guilas





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