Don't Miss the Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup Philippines Race Heat

Round 1 of the E-motorsport tournament is underway
May 7, 2022
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The thrilling GR GT Cup Philippines 2022 E-racing series organized by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing and hosted by Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is underway, and things are heating up in the Race Heat of Round 1 today at 8PM.

Day 2 of Round 1 of the well-loved hunt for the fastest E-racer in the Philippines will be broadcast via the Facebook pages of Toyota Motor Philippines and TGR.

The virtual competition is back better than ever, with Toyota Motor Philippines raising the stakes. This 2022 season, Toyota has raised raises the stakes, as gamers and fans looked forward to two big changes— the Philippines rejoining the battle for regional supremacy, and an exciting new development path for grassroots racers.

Rookies with no professional E-sports background or affinity joined the Promotional Class, while veteran E-racers with local or international professional race experience under their belt signed up for the Sporting Class. Competitors aged 17 and below participated in the Junior Class against fellow next-generation enthusiasts.

Over the course of three qualifying rounds, E-racers battled it out for points to climb the leaderboards and secure position in the Top 18, which composed of 9 racers each from the Promotional and Sporting Classes. A Php1 million prize pool will be waiting to be shared among the winners per class who manage to top the timing sheets each round.

The GR GT Cup then meets the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Vios Cup as the National Finals happen right beside the on-track races of the first leg of Toyota Motor Philippines' premier one-make race series on July 1-2.

With Waku Doki action providing an exhilarating and heart-pumping backdrop, the final round will determine the two E-racers—one from the Sporting Class and one from the Promotional Class—who will represent the Philippines in the regionals as they line up against the best teams of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, and Taiwan in the battle for regional glory.

The comeback team will also carry a fresh source of inspiration as the Philippine flag will officially be used for the first time on the leaderboards this season.

And finally, in this season’s most exciting development, virtual racing gives way to real life action on the racetracks as the three national champions also get to hop into the driver’s seat of an OMR Vios and take part in the Autocross Challenge during the second and third legs of the TGR Vios Cup.

By incorporating the TGR Vios Cup with the GR GT Cup, TMP aims to create a solid grassroots path to develop new enthusiasts and future champs by linking together the fun and action of E-sports racing with the chance of a lifetime to get behind the wheel of a real race car.

Catch the Race Heat of Round 1 of the 2022 TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup Philippines over at the Toyota Motor Philippines and TGR Facebook pages.

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