Enzo Pastor getting ready for 4th leg of Euro NASCAR series

Currently in 5th place in his division
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Jul 2, 2013


As the fifth round of Circuit Showdown kicks off this weekend, its proponent and founder, Enzo Pastor, won\'t be there since he\'ll be busy contesting the seventh and eighth rounds (Leg 4) of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series Open Championship (formerly known as the Euro Racecar NASCAR Series) at the Tours Speedway in France on July 6 and 7.

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The Tours Speedway will be a challenging one for Pastor since it will be his first time to race on an oval track. As a matter of fact, according to Pastor\'s father, Philippine Formula Autosports Foundation president Tom Pastor, Enzo will carry the distinction of being \"the first Asian to race on an oval racetrack.\"

\"I haven\'t been on an oval track before so it\'s a challenge I\'m looking forward to,\" said Enzo. \"The weather forecast for the two rounds also happens to be rainy, so my first time on an oval track might also be a wet one.\"

After six races, Pastor is now in fifth place, just seven points short of the fourth overall position in the standings held by Guillaume Rousseau--an impressive result for a veritable rookie in the series, who\'s unfamiliar with nearly all the tracks on the calendar.

The fifth leg, meanwhile, will be a non-points exhibition race in Spain. The veteran racer is looking forward to the sixth leg, which will be run at the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza.

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\"With Monza, I\'ve driven on it at least on simulators and racing games, so I\'m not that much at a disadvantage when it comes to knowing the track,\" Pastor told TopGear.com.ph. \"Of course, driving on the actual track itself will be different, but at least I\'m familiar with Monza unlike the other tracks that I only got to know through 20-minute test sessions the day before the race.\"

So, while the younger Pastor will be missing his event this weekend, he\'ll at least be doing the country proud by carrying the Philippine flag in France. Let\'s all get behind him, shall we?

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