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Justice For Enzo mystery Facebook page

Since the arrest of Domingo "Sandy" de Guzman III, the alleged mastermind in the Enzo Pastor murder case, two weeks ago, has tried to walk the fine line between professionalism and sensationalism in its coverage of the ensuing turn of events. And we'd be the first to admit that it has been incredibly easy to err on the side of the latter, considering that another suspect tagged by the police is Pastor's own widow, Dalia Guerrero, who is said to have had (or to still be having) a romantic relationship with de Guzman.

And as if the facts had not been muddled enough, the reported gunman, PO2 Edgar Angel, recently recanted his initial confession implicating both de Guzman and Guerrero--just before the scheduled arraignment. Shortly after that, the camp of Enzo Pastor produced more witnesses to help indict the aforementioned pair, with the Pastor couple's housemaid testifying that de Guzman would visit Guerrero in the couple's house whenever Enzo went abroad to compete in international race events.

Even Enzo's companion on the night he was killed, car mechanic Paolo Salazar, has positively identified Angel as the real gunman, and also shared that it was Guerrero who directed her slain husband to drive through a certain route that fateful June 12 evening via phone.

So, you see, the story has all the trappings of a Carlo J. Caparas movie: sex, murder, lies and, well, scandalous photos.

At around 11pm last night, we received a batch of revealing and intimate photos that show Guerrero and de Guzman in compromising poses together. There are photos of love letters, wedding proposals, a Glock handgun and, more tellingly, very private moments of the alleged lovers. A couple of said photos look totally legit, and we can't imagine how they could have been edited. The objective of the mystery sender--a Facebook page named "Justice ForEnzo" (not to be confused with the one set up by the Pastor family)--is clear: to discredit both Guerrero and de Guzman, especially now that the former has issued a statement to the NBI denying that she ever had an affair with the latter.

We checked the Facebook page and discovered that it had been set up just last September 9, a day after PO2 Angel had recanted his initial judicial confession. Whoever is behind the Facebook page could have been moved to put it up as a reaction to Angel's retraction.


On the page, it is visible that the page owner "liked" the Facebook pages of Top Gear Philippines, ABS-CBN News and GMA News. We won't be surprised if he or she (or they) sent the same batch of photos to the two TV networks.

We asked the sender where the photos or screenshots had come from. The person replied: "From a phone repair shop. This was backed up two weeks before Enzo died." We asked another question (seen below), but the person has yet to get back to us as we write this.

We're not eager to buy the phone-repair-shop explanation about the provenance of the photos, but one thing is pretty obvious here: Someone or a group of people wants to pin down Guerrero and de Guzman for good. Whoever this person is (or these individuals are), it's either they are convinced that the pair really did it, or someone else is actually responsible for Enzo's murder and the culprit wants Guerrero and de Guzman to take the blame for it.

Either way, we refuse to share the graphic photos here. Assuming the pictures manage to prove that Guerrero and de Guzman indeed had (or still have) an affair, this doesn't necessarily make them Enzo's killers. They'd be guilty of adultery but not necessarily of murder. What the mysterious Facebook photo sender wants is a trial by publicity. He/she or they want Dalia and Sandy to appear as filthy as possible in the eyes of the public, so that the act of murder could be more easily imputed to the alleged lovers.

We hope other media outlets won't publish or post the photos--not even if said photos are blurred or pixelated. They're not for public consumption. They're for the authorities to look into, not the gossipmongers. This case has taken a weird turn for the tasteless and the absurd. Time to put a stop to the tabloid-worthy antics and let the wheels of justice start rolling on the straight and narrow.

Enough with the soap-operatic (and now pornographic) distractions. Let's get it on with credible, proper litigation. Enzo Pastor deserves nothing less.

UPDATE: The "Justice ForEnzo" Facebook page, which sent us the revealing photos, has been taken down.


Justice For Enzo mystery Facebook page

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