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Toyota Motor PH unveils Vios race car at week-long expo

Check out the livery


Last month, we reported that Toyota Motor Philippines is giving local motorsports a much-needed shot in the arm by staging a one-make race series next year featuring the recently launched Vios. The slots will be offered to Toyota customers who want to experience wheel-to-wheel racing--at a price, of course (we were told a race-prepped Vios will be sold at \"less than a million pesos\").

Utilizing Toyota\'s popular subcompact sedan as the platform, the car will receive various upgrades to improve its performance, ranging from the requisite safety roll cage to Toyota Racing Development engine and suspension tweaks. As a teaser for the 2014 series, TMP will hold an exhibition race featuring local celebrities and members of the motoring media in October this year.

At the ongoing \"The World of Toyota Motor Show,\" TMP is displaying the official livery of the Vios race car. TMP president Michinobu Sugata shared during the opening of the show that he expects the Vios one-make race series to bring motorsports closer to the people.

Do you see yourself joining the series next year?

Photos by Patrick Everett Tadeo



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