Website dedicated to justice campaign for Enzo Pastor launched

To help find the race car driver's killers
Aug 10, 2014

Justice for Enzo Pastor

The "Justice For Enzo Pastor Movement" is gaining momentum. Just a couple of weeks after Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte announced a P1-million reward for anyone who could provide vital information about the killers of the race car driver, and after President Noynoy Aquino himself mentioned the case in his State of the Nation Address, a member of Enzo's family contacted to inform us that a website dedicated to the case has been launched.

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"The family has launched the website, for the purpose of raising funds to help find the killers of Enzo," the family member told us. "I would like to ask for Top Gear Philippines' help in spreading the word about this website."

Pastor was shot dead in Quezon City late evening of June 12 this year while he was driving a truck to transport an Asian V8 Championship car to Clark International Speedway. He was 32.

The website states that its mission is "to help raise funds that will aid in the successful investigation and trial of Enzo Pastor's murder case." The vision, meanwhile, is "to successfully prosecute the perpetrators behind the killing of Enzo Pastor, and to prevent further senseless killings toward our fellow citizens by using this case as a model of how communities come together to help assure that justice will be served."

If you have any sort of knowledge about the case, there's a section on the website where you can leave your message as well as your contact details. You may even use this section to send a message of support to the Pastor family. There is also the following note at the bottom: "For any information regarding the crime committed against Enzo Pastor, please text or call Mayor Duterte's office at 0917-4768549. You may also e-mail:"

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Please help spread the word.

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