Red Bull wins first GP

Apr 19, 2009


Red Bull scored its first grand prix victory with Sebastian Vettel keeping the lead for most of the race in rainy China.

Vettel lorded over the wet Shanghai International Circuit for his second career win - his first also being on a rainy race day in Monzo, Italy last year.

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Mark Webber sealed a 1-2 win for Red Bull as he trailed right behind Vettel towards the end of the race.

Red Bull ended the Asian leg of F1 with 19.5 points, a far second from Brawn GP's 36 points.

Brawn's Jenson Button and Reubens Barichello landed on the third and fourth spots, respectively.

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Heikki Kovolainen and Lewis Hamilton ended the race on fifth and sixth, giving the McLaren team a total of eight points for the first three races of the 2009 season.

Timo Glock was on the seventh place, earning enough points to give Toyota the third spot in the total team standing.

The next F1 race will be from April 24 to 26 in Bahrain.

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