Scale-model Lamborghini Aventador costs more than the real one

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by | Sep 17, 2011
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Scale-model Lamborghini Aventador costs more than the real one

We never thought it was possible but a scale-model of a Lamborghini Aventador crafted by a former Mercedes-Benz  engineer is reportedly more expensive than the costly model it's actually based on.

According to German online news portal, model car builder Robert Gülpen created the 1:8 scale Aventador out of carbon fiber, just like the actual car. Incorporated into the scale model car, however, are several precious metals and stones. The diamonds on the seats, steering wheel and headlights, and the gold used on the wheels supposedly have a combined value of €2 million (nearly P120 million) already.

"This is a high-tech work of art," Gülpen said in reports. "I wanted to do something unique, something that has not existed until now."

The scale model Aventador is currently on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show behind a bulletproof glass case that's monitored by sophisticated electronic safeguards.

In December, the scale model could become 2011's most expensive Christmas gift as Sotheby's is planning to auction it off in either Dubai or New York with a starting price of €3.5 million or over P208 million. Gülpen, though, is willing to sell it to anyone who can't wait for the auction at a kingly sum of €4.5 million (roughly P269 million).

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With over 500 hours spent crafting the model, Gülpen calls his latest work a product of "pure craftsmanship."

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