Shell's FuelSave campaign has now taught over 100,000 drivers

Knowledge-enhancing online games can be fun
Oct 19, 2012 Philippine Car News - Shell's Target One Million campaign has now taught over 100,000 drivers how to save fuel

Shell is well on its way to teaching one million motorists how to save fuel, months after the petroleum company launched its "Target One Million" Shell FuelSave campaign.

"Shell is constantly working to promote smarter energy use and has over 100 years of experience in providing the world's motorists with quality fuels," said Pilipinas Shell marketing delivery manager Stephanie Cua. "Target One Million is the latest step along this journey, and we are thrilled that it has resonated so well among Philippine motorists. We want to continue communicating that the right choice of fuel, like Shell FuelSave Unleaded and Shell FuelSave Diesel, and a few simple changes to driving behaviors, can help motorists save fuel, and in doing so, reduce their fuel costs."

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According to Shell, over 100,000 consumers worldwide have reportedly learned of the fuel-saving techniques taught by the Target One Million online mini-games. The first mini-game, Shell FuelSave Challenge, requires players to drive a virtual car in the most fuel-efficient way possible by following the Shell FuelSave Tips relating to the car's setup and the driver's driving style.

The next mini-game, Shell FuelSave Bootloader, is due to be launched this month and will challenge players to check their virtual car's trunk and remove unnecessary items and excess weight, which affects the car's fuel efficiency--another effective yet often overlooked fuel-efficiency tip.

More mini-games will be released over the coming months, and these "are open to anyone who wants to play and become one in a million."

To find out more about Shell FuelSave's fuel-saving tips and to access the mini-games, visitors can simply go to

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