Solon wants kids banned from riding motorcycles

You wouldn’t want to be fined for bringing your child to school
Aug 9, 2010 Philippines car News - Solon wants kids banned from riding motorcycles Taking your kid on a motorcycle ride may soon be a crime. A bill filed at the Senate calls for banning children from riding motorcycles since it puts them at risk.

“This is consistent with our advocacy to provide safety measures to all riders and passengers and avoid injury or fatality especially for children on motorcycles," bill author Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr. said in a statement. Revilla also authored the Mandatory Helmet Law, which requires motorcycle riders to use a helmet while on the road.

In the new bill, Revilla proposes banning the use of motorcycles to transport a child seven years old and below along highways. The bill allows two exemptions: if the location is a province where there is no considerable vehicular traffic, and if the area only has motorcycles as the sole means of transportation.

If the bill is approved, violators will be fined from P3,000 to P10,000.

There have also been calls to expand the existing Helmet Law and include children from eight to ten years old in the ban on riding motorcycles. Revilla said, however, that it is not necessary.

“Right now, what is important is the awareness on the risk of children riding on motorcycles is increasing, “Revilla added. “We must also consider that fact that many of our countrymen, particularly those belonging to low- and medium-income families use motorcycles as a family vehicle, often to fetch children from school.”
The senator pointed out the dangers of letting children ride in motorcycles because they “lack the physical development to pay attention and properly secure themselves while riding."

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