Solons want road safety to be taught in elementary, high schools

Teaching tomorrow's drivers today
Jul 3, 2012

Perhaps taking to heart the saying that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, Representatives Rufus Rodriguez (2nd District, Cagayan de Oro City) and Maximo Rodriguez Jr. (Party List, Abante Mindanao) have filed a bill that would require all private and public elementary and secondary schools to add road and traffic safety education in their curriculum.

According to the solons, the growing number of traffic accidents in the Philippines--"which can be attributed mainly to the sheer disregard of traffic laws or ignorance"--only stresses the importance of instilling discipline, road courtesy and obedience to traffic laws in today’s youth.

Based on House Bill 6098--otherwise known as the Road Courtesy, Discipline and Traffic Safety Education Act--a new subject called "Road Courtesy, Discipline and Traffic Safety Education" shall be included in the school curriculum that will be taught from Grade 1 up to 4th year high school.

The topics in the new subject will include: traffic signs and their meanings; rights and obligations of pedestrians, drivers, vehicle owners, and public-utility vehicles; Philippine laws on driving; fines and penalties; and Local Traffic Codes, among others.

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In February 2011, several organizations and companies banded together to create a project that taught fifth-grade-level students in 10 public elementary schools the elements of road safety using flash cards.

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