Steve McQueen's classic Ferrari comes home to Maranello

To be restored to its original coupe form
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Ferrari Classiche, the Italian carmaker's restoration and maintenance services arm for its classic vehicles, has just taken delivery of a 275 GTB4 that originally belonged to Steve McQueen.

McQueen got the car in San Francisco while he was filming Bullitt in the city. The Ferrari's current owner, though, brought the car to Ferrari Classiche for its authenticity certification process. Apparently, sometime during the 1980s and in between McQueen’s ownership of the car and that of the current owner, the 275 GTB4 coupe had been converted to a convertible.

Under the provisions of the certification process, a Ferrari can only be authenticated "if it is to exactly the same specifications as when it left the factory." In response, the current owner decided to return the car to its original coupe form with Ferrari Classiche undertaking the entire restoration process, including the reproduction of the roof and buttresses with hand-beaten steel panels.

Established in 2006, Ferrari Classiche has to date processed over 3,300 certification requests using the company's archive records and original designs.

Do you have a dilapidated Ferrari lying around in your backyard?

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