Suzuki marks 25th year in the Philippines

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Feb 2, 2010
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Car News - Suzuki Philippines celebrates 25th anniversary

Suzuki Philippines is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month, a milestone for the country's only integrated automotive company.

Suzuki Philippines--a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corp. of Japan--was established in February 1985, although the Suzuki brand of motorcycles has long been a part of local motoring under the distribution of Antonio Suzuki Corp. since 1959.

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In 1999, the company took over Pilipinas Transport Industries, Inc.'s automobile assembly and made Suzuki Philippines the only integrated automotive company in the country with two- and four-wheel manufacturing and distribution operations.

Suzuki is among the top three motorcycle distributors in the Philippines, with its Raider R150 leading the underbone bike segment. Suzuki Philippines also promotes motorcycle safety with the SAFE (Safe. Active. Fashionable. Easy to use.) campaign.

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Suzuki vehicles, meanwhile, cater to motorists looking for reliable and fuel-efficient compact vehicles.

It's not so surprising then that, besides being named by the Car Awards Group Inc. as the vehicle with the best value for money, the Suzuki Celerio subcompact hatchback was also recognized by the Department of Energy as the most fuel-efficient of all the cars tested in the recent E10 Fuel Economy Run. Its average consumption is 34.34 kilometers per liter.

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