Suzuki to relocate Japan plant as precaution to natural disasters - report

In case another calamity strikes
Jul 12, 2011

Suzuki Motor Corporation is reportedly planning to move its facilities from its present location in Hamamatsu to a higher ground following the destruction the March 11 earthquake and tsunami wrought in Japan.

According to, Suzuki is planning to invest as much as ¥40 billion (over P21 billion at ¥1:P0.5318) to move its factories and research laboratories from the coastal area of Hamamatsu city to a location that's further inland and on higher ground.

Adding to Suzuki's concern is the proximity of its facilities to the Hamaoka nuclear power plant, which is reportedly being reinforced to prevent it from being damaged like the Fukushima plant shortly after the March 11 double disaster. The Hamaoka nuclear plant is less than less than 50 kilometers from Suzuki's facilities in Hamamatsu. added that though the plant will still be located in Hamamatsu, it will be much farther from the coast.

"When you consider the risks of earthquake, tsunami, radiation and liquefaction, an executive who ignores realignment is set for failure," Suzuki Motor chairman Osamu Suzuki said in the report.

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Suzuki's relocation plan reportedly involves 270,000 square meters of land that's 10 kilometers inland and 50 kilometers away from the Hamaoka nuclear plant.

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The move will supposedly start later this year and could take up to three years. Suzuki is also planning to relocate its automobile engine production plant in Makinohara, which is less than 20 kilometers from the Hamaoka nuclear plant, to another plant in Japan or perhaps even abroad.

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