BMW wants new industry standards for digital keyless access

It aims to enable full functionality across various devices and car brands
by Leandre Grecia | Nov 13, 2019

BMW offers a high level of digital connectivity and keyless access with its vehicles, with systems like BMW Connected and BMW Digital Key. The latter allows users to lock and unlock the vehicle, start the engine, and even share vehicle access using only a smartphone.

The German carmaker now wants to expand the use of keyless entry and smart devices in cars, but it knows that more advanced applications will not be possible without the creation of new global standards. What it’s aiming for is full and universal functionality regardless of the type or brand of a device and the make of a vehicle, which is why it’s leading the charge to create these said standards within the  Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC).

“Our customers want cross-vendor interoperability. Standardization is the only way to achieve this; proprietary solutions are no longer beneficial,” said Dr. Olaf Müller, BMW Group’s head for developmental digital access systems. BMW added that other tech giants and carmakers have already taken part in the CCC.

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If things work out, BMW’s Digital Key will soon be enhanced by ultra-wideband-based release 3.0 connectivity. This will enable features including anti-theft protection and precise localization between device and vehicle. The latter will also allow an owner to unlock a vehicle without having to hold the phone directly up to the door handle.

This high level of keyless access may not be widely available across the market at the moment, but here’s hoping that someday, this technology will find trickle down to more affordable vehicles.

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