Mazda will unveil its first EV at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show

We’re definitely stoked
by Leandre Grecia | Sep 25, 2019
PHOTO: Mazda

There’s roughly a month left to go before the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show opens its doors to the public. There’s already a lot to look forward to, but the anticipation just grew bigger because we’ve received word that Mazda will be making a huge reveal of its own this year.

The Japanese carmaker has announced that it will be unveiling its first-ever mass-production battery electric vehicle (EV) during the festivities. It has also released a teaser video, which you can check out below:

Meanwhile, Mazda’s press release reads: “Developed in accordance with Mazda’s human-centric philosophy and making full use of the benefits of electric drive technology, it offers performance drivers can enjoy effortlessly and wholeheartedly.”

Mazda’s a bit late to the EV party—at least compared to other Japanese brands such as Toyota and Nissan—but we’re still very much excited nonetheless. Unfortunately, neither the video nor the press materials reveal much about the first Mazda EV. A way to keep us on our toes, I guess?

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In any case, we’ll surely be keeping an eye out for this one. As for you, our readers, you should stay tuned and watch this space because we’ll provide you with all the updates and event coverage you’ll be needing come October. 

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PHOTO: Mazda
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