Ford's exoskeleton brings 'Iron Man' tech one step closer to reality

Could this be our MK I?
by Drei Laurel | Aug 10, 2018

If you'll recall, Tony Stark's first 'Iron Man' suit (the one he built to escape from his captors in the first film) was anything but a work of art. MK I was more of a hastily built hunk of metal than a technologically advanced power suit capable of going toe-to-toe with Marvel's worst. But hey, even billionaire geniuses have to start somewhere.

This is why we're not counting out the possibility that Ford's simple new exoskeleton, the 'Eksovest,' will lead to advancements not too far off from what Stark Industries is producing in the comic books. We can dream, can't we?

Right now, the Eksovest's capabilities mainly revolve around helping Ford's factory workers with day-to-day tasks. This includes lifting duties, as each of the exoskeleton's arms can put out between 5 to 15lbs of lift assistance, the company says.

It can comfortably fit individuals of up to six-feet and four inches in height, and allows for the wearer's free movement thanks to its lightweight build and non-bulky design, too. Right now, the Eksovest is being utilized across the American carmaker's assembly plants in North America, the Asia Pacific, Europe and South America.

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"Building vehicles is physically a tough job," says Ford Group vice president Bruce Hettle. "We care about our employees and are trying to help them do their jobs with the least amount of wear and tear on their bodies possible."

We couldn't agree more, Bruce. If our backs here at the office are already giving in from just sitting around, what more your employees manning production floors all day?

While a healthy back is nice and all, we think we'll wait for when these babies finally come with repulsors and an Arc Reactor. Just give us a call, Ford. God knows we could use the power of flight with how bad our traffic situation is getting.

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