Hyundai to link next-generation Genesis with Google Glass

Start your car without even touching your smartphone
Jan 7, 2014


Yesterday, we reported that technology giant Google has formed an alliance with four carmakers--Audi, General Motors, Honda and Hyundai--that will see its Android operating system being introduced to cars sometime this year.

Well, we may have found which one of the four car brands is leading the pack since Hyundai has revealed that it is working on allowing the owners of its next-generation Genesis luxury sedan to connect with their car using wearable devices, particularly Google Glass, which is essentially a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display and runs on Android.

According to Hyundai, devices like Google Glass will help owners save time and \"add a new level of convenience by allowing them to remotely access their vehicles without having to pull out their smartphone.\"

The system supposedly works through Hyundai\'s cloud-based Blue Link platform, which makes features like remote start and service information quickly accessible through wearable devices like Google Glass.

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\"We see wearables as a technology trend, expanding from fitness-and-health monitoring to broader applications,\" said Hyundai Motor America\'s executive director for customer connect and service business development, Barry Ratzlaff. \"As a leader in connected car technology, we\'re always exploring new ways to use technology to enhance the ownership experience for our customers. Wearables are a great way to extend the experience outside of the vehicle by leveraging these small screens to quickly access remote features and deliver timely vehicle information.\"

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