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Mercedes-Benz to roll out world\'s 1st nine-speed automatic gearbox

For E350 diesel sedan and wagon


Mercedes-Benz will soon make available to the public the world\'s first nine-speed automatic transmission with torque converter in the E350 BlueTEC, making it \"one of the most fuel-efficient six-cylinder diesel models in its class.\"

To be offered as standard in the E350 BlueTEC sedan and wagon models, the 9G-Tronic transmission is paired with a 248hp V6 engine, giving it an average fuel consumption of 18.868km/L and carbon-dioxide emissions of only 138g/km.

Another bonus to the new nine-speed gearbox is that the car\'s engine speed has been reduced, resulting in better NVH levels since external noise is reportedly reduced \"by up to four decibels.\"

Mercedes-Benz claims that, with the new transmission, higher speeds can now be achieved at lower engine speeds, like being able to drive at 120kph in ninth gear but with the engine speed at around 1,350rpm only.

It looks like this new 9G-Tronic transmission will be around for a long, long time since the German carmaker has confirmed that it \"will be used in almost all model series and engines in the coming years.\"

Are you excited to try what a nine-speed automatic transmission feels like?

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