The new Volkswagen Golf lets drivers adjust the A/C via voice command

It can actually come in handy
by Leandre Grecia | Jan 17, 2020
PHOTO: Volkswagen

When Volkswagen launched the eighth-generation Golf last year, it was clear that this iteration of the famous hatch is truly an all-new vehicle. Not because of its looks, no, but because of all the features the cabin had in store.

This is what VW calls the Digital Cockpit, wherein the Golf’s wide arsenal of extra features has been integrated. This includes the vehicle’s numerous safety, driving, and parking assist features. Also worth noting here is the lack of physical buttons—as the name suggests, the setup is completely digital. Now, we’re focusing on one of the highlights: the new intelligent climate control system, or what Volkswagen calls the ‘Air Care Climatronic.’

This system offers a number of functions such as air filtering and the three-zone climate control, all of which can be controlled using the infotainment system. A ‘Smart Climate’ menu is also available, through which users can access other features such as preset air-conditioning settings. In addition, Volkswagen has also identified five common scenarios that drivers encounter—such as cold feet or warm hands—and have included a few built-in presets into this menu to match.

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As an even bigger bonus, the air-conditioning can be controlled not only byusing the touch sliders but also via voice control as well. Users may simple say “I am cold” or “I am warm” and the cabin temperature will change accordingly. For an actual demonstration of this, you can watch the video below:

Like what you’re seeing? You can read Top Gear’s full review on the all-new Golf by clicking on this link, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments afterwards.

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PHOTO: Volkswagen
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