What does this Casio timepiece have in common with an F1 car?

New Edifice is not only inspired by Honda Racing tech. It's built with it.
Oct 2, 2019
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As parts of the World-Class Formula 1 racing scene, Honda Racing and Casio EDIFICE are no strangers to each other.

In 2018, Honda’s motorsports arm and the premium Japanese watchmaker released their first collaboration model for the latter’s high-performance metal chronograph timepiece line: the EQS-800HR. The partnership highlighted their shared values of time, speed, and intelligence, as well as the common pursuit of high-tech capabilities between the two Japanese brands.

This year, Honda Racing and EDIFICE—power unit supplier and sponsor, respectively, of the Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 team—have teamed up once again, this time for the new EQB-1000 HR.

This latest Casio timepiece, just like its predecessor, is the embodiment of Honda Racing F1 technology. Here's why:


The EQB-1000 HR features diamond-like carbon coating, which also protects the internals of Honda Racing’s engines, and Sapphire Glass with non-reflective coating.

The face also features red and black gradations to recreate the instant that a spark ignites the fuel inside an engine cylinder.

‘Green’ tech

The second EDIFICE is equipped with a Tough Solar Power system, enabling charging even by exposure to fluorescent light.

Power generating efficiency is increased by optimizing the shade-dispersing solar panel’s cell configuration. Similar to how Honda’s MGU-K hybrid system turns heat energy into power, Tough Solar ensures efficient in-dial generation.

Sophisticated technology

The EQB-1000 HR has Smartphone Link, which offers Automatic Time Adjustment and Phone Finder, among other motorsports functions.

F1’s Telemetry data transmission and the new EDIFICE’s Bluetooth Phone Linking are very much alike, with the latter’s various motorsports functions such as highly accurate timekeeping, simple selection from among 300 World Time cities, transfer of 200 lap time records from the watch to the phone, and recording of times in units of 1/1000 of a second.

Lastly, the chronograph’s high specs and slim configuration (8.9 mm thin) bring to mind a Honda engine’s small size and potent output. What you get is an amazingly powerful timepiece that is thinner and lighter, and one that provides a more comfortable fit to the wrist.

Proof of F1’s premier design influence and virtues over EQ-series watches is the fact that the limited-edition model, developed in cooperation with the HRD Sakura R&D facility, has only 2,900 units available worldwide.

For more information, follow EDIFICE's official Facebook page for the Philippines and its official Instagram account: @edifice.philippines.

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