What is your favorite website to buy and sell cars in the Philippines?

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Jun 4, 2018

There are numerous automotive classified websites in the Philippines. While this means auto purchasers have access to a wide variety of cars up for sale, it also causes quite a headache when deciding where and how to start the car hunt.

If you're anything like the average car buyer, you may have already spent countless hours browsing around online for cars. And you may have already heard about  Philkotse.com  – an auto portal where users can--and have--purchased a Mitsubishi Pajero for as low as P305k.


1. Free to buy and sell cars with hundreds of listings updated daily


Hundreds of new listings for both new and used cars for sale nationwide are added up daily. If you've ever browsed the site long enough, you might have noticed the hourly update of car deals.

While it is true that the massive number of listings does not necessarily guarantee the high reliability of a website, it is also undeniable that the more listings you have access to, the higher chances you have of finding your next car.

A reliable source to buy cars also means a good platform for car sellers to list their cars for sale

One happy user relayed his experience of spending a couple of weeks searching online and coming up with a shortlist. After contacting potential sellers, he visited them for actual inspections. Finally, he happily decided to buy a second-hand Pajero listed on  Philkotse.com  for P305k, as mentioned earlier, from a seller who was most responsive to his queries and even allowed a 45-minute long test drive.


2. Enjoy easier car buying and selling thanks to advanced search filter


An advanced search tool plays a key role in helping minimize your time and effort while browsing for automobiles. The more detailed your criteria are, the closer the results get. That is why it is important to have a clear idea of what you're looking for in your next car.

An advanced search tool plays a key role in helping minimize your time and effort to buy cars


3. A one-stop shop to buy and sell cars and everything related to cars


Apart from automobile classifieds, users can also enjoy being up-to-date on automotive news, learning useful car tips, as well as catching up with the most accurate car price list in the Philippines. And check out the Car Review section-- though it doesn't feature all models and variants, it includes all-time hot-selling models, which is enough to keep a car enthusiast scrolling for hours.


4. A comprehensive platform to buy and sell new and used cars


A reliable source to buy cars also means a good platform for car sellers to expose their ads to the right customers. That said, if you ever consider reselling your car, isn't it worth considering listing it on the place you bought it from?

Of course, you may already have your own preferred car-shopping style. But it sure is worth a visit to  Philkotse.com  today and trying it out for yourself! 

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