Wouldn\'t you want to be directed to the cheapest gasoline station?

Audi now offering such a service in Germany
Nov 17, 2013


If you don\'t know it yet, fuel prices sometimes vary from district to district (although, for the most part, major oil companies employ a one-price policy). The price of unleaded gasoline in Makati, for instance, may not be the same as the price of the same fuel product somewhere on SLEX. Makes you wonder how convenient it would be to have an in-car information system that points you to the cheapest filling station based on your current location using GPS technology.

This is exactly what Audi has just introduced on most of its car models in its domestic market of Germany.

\"Audi is helping its customers save money when refueling,\" the official press statement said. \"For all A3 variants and most other models, Audi Connect now features an online service dubbed Fuel Prices, which provides information on up-to-date prices at filling stations.\"

Audi Connect works with Google Earth to guide the car driver to \"places of interest,\" as well as provide travel information, weather reports and now fuel prices. Of course, an accurate database of gasoline prices that is updated every day is needed for the concept to work, something that might prove to be a little more challenging in the Philippines considering our poor data-gathering. This plus the fact that not all gasoline stations would be equally cooperative in terms of regularly submitting their prices--especially those that sell their fuels significantly higher than the others.

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\"The driver can sort the list by price or distance, and also have the information read aloud using the text-to-speech function,\" said the news release of this latest Audi service. \"A few clicks are all it takes to set the selected filling station as a navigation destination.\"

The nice thing about this service is that it supposedly also includes access to traffic information, allowing it to suggest the best possible route. Because there\'s no point in saving five cents per liter if it took you half an hour longer to get to the station due to unusually heavy traffic.

Wouldn\'t you want something like this in your car?

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