The race begins: McQueen vs. Hamilton


Steve McQueen has been associated with the square-shaped Monaco watch since he wore it in the classic 1971 race car film, Le Mans. Lewis Hamilton upholds the watch's legacy as the current endorser of the TAG Heuer chronograph.

In celebration of the Monaco's 40th anniversary, TAG Heuer has released the short film Steve McQueen and Lewis Hamilton: The Duel. The cinematic marvel pits McQueen, the screen legend who turned the watch into an icon, and Hamilton, the Formula One champ who lives up to the Monaco's heritage.

Although 40 years separates McQueen and Hamilton, the film captures the two TAG Heuer ambassadors interacting with each other in a virtual race on the fabled Le Mans track through the use of special effects.

In the film, McQueen drives a Porsche Gulf 917, the same car he drove in Le Mans, while Hamilton drives the McLaren MP4-23 which helped him claim the 2008 F1 Drivers' Championship.

"We chose shots from Le Mans where we could swap in Lewis Hamilton in place of characters in the film who talk with Steve McQueen. We shot Lewis Hamilton from the same angles and with the same lighting, but in front of a green screen, so we could then integrate him into the original images. The same technique was used to key his F1 car into the driving scenes," said film director Max Casanova.

View the video below to see just how realistic the film turned out to be.

The winner is anyone's guess. Who's your bet? Cast your vote on for a chance to win a limited edition Monaco Gulf. Deadline of entries is on June 10.

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