Top Gear Philippines reveals 'Best of Columns' promo winners

Are you the lucky one?
Jul 14, 2010

We're all for listening to what our readers want. In the promo we ran last month, we asked which columnist you enjoy reading the most and which you enjoy reading the least. The verdict is out. Here are the winners of The Best Of The Columns, featuring selected pieces by Top Gear UK's celebrity columnists Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

Top Gear UK's The Best of the Columns

Agnes Espino

"I like Dong Magsajo. He makes sense even for female enthusiasts like moi. Gosh, Hammond or May...well, take your pick. This is a no-brainer: let's get those guys, or at least one of them, and boot out one (of the local columnists). The lowest in my list is Al Mendoza. It's not that he's a bad writer, but you asked us to choose."

Peterson Valderrama

"Of the four columnist, I enjoy reading Aris Ilagan the most. His writing is very relevant to current events and he's very fair and factual. His sentiments also reflect that of most Filipino motorists', and that's why I can relate to his topics and views. I least enjoy reading Erle Sebastian's columns. Yes, he's a regular car guy but he's likely to oppose most of the sentiments of the magazine's readers. His article shows his disgust over some motoring issues but, surprisingly, he's very defensive in his articles."

(Editor's note: Winners are advised to wait for an email from Top Gear Philippines for directions on when and where to claim their prize.)

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