Toyota Motor PH could bring in FJ Cruiser next year

Any takers?
by Vernon B. Sarne | Nov 11, 2012

Toyota FJ Cruiser

At least two sources inside Toyota Motor Philippines have confirmed to us that the country's leading carmaker is seriously considering bringing in the FJ Cruiser in 2013. The retro-styled SUV, based on the FJ40-series Land Cruiser and first launched in the US in 2006, is said to be just one of a slew of new models that TMP is looking to introduce to our market next year.

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The conventional wisdom as to why Toyota is now mulling selling the FJ Cruiser here is that the company must have grown tired of watching gray-market vendors make a killing from the sales of the handsome sport-utility. But it could also be that the North American market--at which the FJ Cruiser was mainly targeted--has already been saturated. In its first year of sales in the US, the Toyota SUV moved more than 56,000 units. Five years later, in 2011, its sales performance had dipped to just 13,500 units.

There's no word yet whether a new-generation FJ Cruiser is currently in the works. But in case TMP launches the current model, do you think the Japanese carmaker can find enough Filipino buyers to snap up the units?

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