Toyota Motor Philippines recalls Land Cruiser Prado to fix SUV's stability control program

Free service offered to clients
Apr 21, 2010

Toyota Motor Philippines is offering a special service campaign to upgrade the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) program in the Land Cruiser Prado while assuring the public no other Toyota or Lexus vehicles are involved in the recall. 

The service campaign will allow Toyota Motor Philippines to enhance the effectiveness of the Land Cruiser Prado's VSC and reduce the chances of vehicle sliding.

"Toyota places high priority on the quality of its vehicles and is constantly monitoring the performance of its vehicles through a variety of quality programs," Toyota said in a statement. "As customer satisfaction is of paramount importance, Toyota has decided to conduct the special service campaign for concerned Land Cruiser Prado models."

In instances where advanced driving skills may be required to control the vehicle--like when a driver negotiates a curve at high speeds or has to sharply turn the steering wheel in similar conditions--the activation of the VSC may not be sufficient enough and could result with the vehicle sliding sideways, Toyota said.

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To address this, the carmaker will enhance the VSC program to reduce the chance of sliding.

"No other Toyota or Lexus vehicles are affected by this recall in the Philippines," Toyota Philippines said.

Toyota is now contacting Land Cruiser Prado owners so company representatives can perform a home service repair for free. Customers may also contact Toyota Motor Philippines' customer assistance hotline at +632 8192912 or get in touch with any authorized Toyota Dealer nationwide.

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The affected Land Cruiser Prado shares its underpinning with the Lexus GX that is recently subjected to a voluntary recall in the United States, also to update its VCS software because of a similar problem.

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