Unioil to roll out Euro 4 lineup of fuels this year

Beating the Big 3 in completely meeting the standard
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Apr 18, 2012

Euro 4-grade petroleum products will soon be coming to the Philippine market courtesy of Unioil, one of the country's largest independent oil players.

Although Unioil is currently selling Euro 4-grade diesel in the market, the petroleum company will soon make its entire automotive fuel products comply with the Euro 4 regulation.

"We've been selling Euro 4 diesel since last year so we figured it's about time we sold Euro 4 gasoline as well," said Unioil's retail manager, Ramon Villarin. "This will put us four years ahead of schedule from the DENR’s mandate that all petroleum products should be of Euro 4 standard by 2016. This will also make us the first oil company in the country to be fully Euro 4-compliant across all our products."

Compared to Euro 2 diesel, which has a sulfur content of 500 parts per million (PPM), Euro 4 diesel's sulfur count is just 50 PPM, a reduction of 90 percent, making it less harmful to the environment. In terms of harmful carbon monoxide emissions, Euro 4 is at 1.0 gram per kilometer for gasoline-powered vehicles while Euro 2 is at 2.2 grams per kilometer.

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Villarin pointed out that one common misconception by car owners is that when their cars experience engine trouble, particularly engine knocking, they are quick to blame the quality of local fuels.

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"They usually complain about the gas stations, saying that the local fuels are dirty," said Villarin. "In fact, the problem is with their car. If your car is supposed to be loaded with Euro 4-grade fuel but you fill it with Euro 2-grade fuel instead, of course you'll experience engine trouble later on because your car's engine isn’t optimized for the lower-grade fuel."

As to when Unioil's entire Euro 4 fuel lineup of products will reach its service stations, Villarin would only say that it will happen this year.

So, have you checked what Euro-grade fuel your car should carry?

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