Volvo PH gives new-car customers special conduction plates

Smart marketing move


In April, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority issued a circular stating that the conduction sticker will temporarily serve as a vehicle\'s license plate, in light of the Land Transportation Office\'s inability to produce adequate license plates for newly purchased cars.

Drafted specifically for the agency\'s implementation of the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program--or the number-coding scheme as it is more popularly known--the circular specifies that the characters on the conduction sticker be placed \"on the spaces allotted for regular license plates in front and at the rear of the vehicle.\"

In response to this, Volvo Philippines is providing its new-car customers with specially made conduction plates, which the latter can use until they receive their actual vehicle license plates.

\"Volvo has always been into thoughtful details that make life less complicated for the people who drive our cars,\" said Volvo Philippines assistant vice president for marketing services Loi de Guzman. \"Instead of them using printouts or hand-written conduction numbers taped to their brand plates, we\'ve made proper, water-repellent plates that won\'t easily fall off.\"

We wonder if other carmakers and distributors would follow Volvo\'s lead and issue something similar to their customers.

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