We meet a James Bond car in the metal

It’s a remote-controlled ride from Tomorrow Never Dies

We’re big-time film buffs around here. And so it’s kind of a big deal to us whenever we chance upon something even remotely connected to a popular movie (at least not the ones directed by Carlo J. Caparas). So much more if said object is a car. Imagine the thrill of seeing an actual unit of KITT from Knight Rider, for instance.

So we were mighty thrilled when Castrol Philippines brought us to BMW Classic in Munich, Germany, as part of the “Castrol Edge Experience.” Castrol has an exclusive technical partnership with BMW, so it has access to the carmaker’s rarest of car collections. At BMW Classic, we came face to face with a James Bond car--the remote-controlled 750iL from Tomorrow Never Dies. While most of the bells and whistles found on this car are fake and merely exist for cinematic purposes, this sedan can indeed be operated via remote control (or at least from the back seat, as demonstrated in the video by the car’s custodian).

We have to admit the car didn’t look as awesome in the metal as it did in the film. Maybe because the fake missiles looked too plasticky up close. Or maybe because a dashing Pierce Brosnan wasn’t around to raise its cool factor a few notches.

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