What would be a good story if \'Fast & Furious\' were to be shot in PH?

Here are a few suggestions
by Vernon B. Sarne | May 16, 2013


Possibly just carried away by dozens of screaming and adoring Filipino fans at the Fast & Furious 6 premiere event at SM Mall of Asia the other night, lead star Vin Diesel proclaimed: \"When I go back to LA and we start developing 7, 8, 9, I\'m gonna tell Universal (Pictures) that I want to shoot in the Philippines.\" Naturally, the sound bite drew even louder shrieks from the audience.

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Now, assuming the actor makes good on his promise--and assuming, of course, his movie studio agrees--what exciting story line could they come up with if the setting were the Philippines? Traffic congestion and a lack of good roads will probably scratch Metro Manila off the list of potential places to shoot in. But more than the venue, we think the bigger challenge would be the actual plot. Can the R of P offer an exciting enough narrative to put together a quality automotive action film in the tradition of the Fast & Furious franchise? Let\'s see.

* The Bureau of Customs chief calls on Dominic Toretto and the gang to help the agency in its fight against car smugglers. Who could be the powerful figures behind this highly profitable racket? The group\'s adventure ultimately leads them to this country\'s halls of power, aka the Senate. A car chase ensues, featuring a lot of Nissan Patrols.

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* The Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines teams up with the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors in hiring the services of Toretto and company to track down the unscrupulous individuals who manufacture fake car parts widely sold in Banawe. The group uncovers a big and vicious syndicate that will spare nothing to protect their shady enterprise. Turns out the syndicate\'s big boss used to be a high-ranking executive of a local car company. A car chase ensues, featuring souped-up German luxury sedans.

* Malacañang enlists the help of Toretto\'s group to find out why Philippine roads are always so poorly built. Is the agency in charge of road construction corrupt, with executives who pocket huge portions of the funds? Are there crooks in the agency who receive kickbacks from incompetent and dishonest contractors? The fast-driving heroes uncover an elaborate scheme in which manufacturers of tires and alloy wheels pay untold millions to a group of criminals within the Department of Works and Highways just so the latter will ensure that our roads are always inferior. Because the worse the road conditions are, the faster wheels and tires need to be replaced. A car chase ensues, featuring a Chevrolet Colorado, a Ford Ranger, an Isuzu D-Max, a Mazda BT-50, a Mitsubishi Strada, a Nissan Navara and a Toyota Hilux.

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Do you have a better--and hopefully more intelligent--idea for a story line? Share it in the comments box below.


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