What's your fave star's ride?

by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Apr 3, 2009


Do not be surprised when the actor who makes you want to have superpowers to score more girls drives right beside you while you cruise on EDSA.

Local celebrities may not have a collection as extensive or as fascinating as those owned by Hollywood stars, but many of the homegrown idols are self-confessed car buffs.

YES! magazine checked out hot cars driven by hot celebs for its ninth anniversary issue, which is out this month.

Read about how award-winning Judy Ann Santos, who books millions of pesos from product endorsements and telenovelas, learned how to drive using a lowly owner-type jeep. She even shared her possessive quirks on her dream car right after she bought it.

YES! also lets you in on the speedy life of Ryan Agoncillo as he talks about the car he uses for drifting - a mutant Mazda RX-7 powered by a Nissan engine.

Other stars proudly showing off their wheels in the April issue of YES! include Sam Milby, Dennis Trillio, Oyo Sotto, Bryan Revilla, Alfred Vargas, Jon Avila and Rafael Rosell.

Get the latest issue of YES! magazine now and see if you and your favorite star share the same passion for cars.

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