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Top Gear Philippines

POSTING GUIDELINES promotes a healthy, lively discussion within its community. We've made our rules simple, but please observe them at all times. Note that breaking them can affect your membership. Help us keep the discussions enjoyable by observing these rules:

  1. Observe our limited advertising policy. Members can advertise products and services. Promotion of products and services is permitted in the Top Gear discussion boards under the Buy and Sell category. Redirecting members to competing websites is forbidden. Members who send unsolicited promotional messages through private messaging may face sanctions.
  2. Top Gear supports proper language. We'd like you to post in English, Filipino or Taglish. Keep formatting simple to maintain message readability. Text speak, sTiCkY cApS, ALLCAPS, and strong styles such as bold type should also be kept to a minimum. Frequent violators will be sanctioned via private message and/or e-mail.
  3. Respect your fellow Top Gear members. Debates are welcome, but personal attacks and squabbling are not. Cussing, swearing or otherwise using crass language is not tolerated. Disrespect and foul language will be sanctioned with stiff penalties.
  4. Browse the discussions before you post. Get a feel of what is and isn't acceptable. If you find a discussion that offends you, then don't join it. Members who exhibit unacceptable behavior will be sanctioned via private message and/or e-mail.
  5. Post messages with context and content. Except where permitted, please avoid chitchat in any of our discussion boards or comments section. Superfluous and unnecessary messages that do not contribute to the discussions will be deleted.
  6. When quoting other messages, edit out irrelevant materials, or simply use the caret (^) symbol to refer to the message directly above yours.
  7. Post your message on the right article, board/category, blog, gallery, group, and post it only once. To avoid redundancies, use the Search tool to look for similar topics before you start a new one. Netiquette suggests that you join an existing discussion rather than start your own.
  8. Avoid multi-posting. The Webmaster reserves the right to delete the same messages posted on more than one thread, board or article.
  9. Top Gear is not your personal or business card. Except where permitted, posting sensitive information such as, but not limited to, your real name, home/office address, and phone number, is strictly prohibited. Moderators/Administrators will remove such information when found and serve the offender a warning.
  10. Top Gear is a CLEAN ZONE. You will not engage in sexual and unwelcome social solicitations. This offense will be dealt with appropriately.
  11. Respect your administrators and moderators. Top Gear moderators are tasked to enforce these policies. Their responsibilities include policing the forum and its members, removing inappropriate posts, moderating conflicts, and imposing penalties for offenses committed. They help the community run smoothly. Their decisions should be respected to maintain harmony in the community.
  12. Administrator and Moderator actions. By posting on the Top Gear board, you agree that the administrators and moderators have the right to take action on any topic or post at any time as they see fit. Depending on the scope of the offense, they may deem it necessary to delete your posts, issue a private or public warning, or suspend or terminate your account.

These rules are subject to change without prior notice.


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