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Aston Martin DB11

TGP says: You don’t need a Bond reference to appreciate this beautiful turbocharged GT.

Audi Q2

TGP says: This small, stylish crossover is perfect for a busy metropolis like ours.

Audi Q5

TGP says: It makes a solid case for choosing crossovers over true SUVs, done with typical German flair.


BMW 5-Series

TGP says: The 5s have usually been hit-or-miss affairs. This new generation is definitely a win.


Chevrolet Spark

TGP says: Mini hatchbacks have been stepping up their style game, and the Spark is no exception.


Ferrari 488 Spider

TGP says: What's better than achieving 0-100kph in three seconds? Doing it with the top down, that's what.


Haval H9

TGP says: Certainly a mighty effort from the Chinese carmaker, but at P3 million? Hmm...

Honda BR-V

TGP says: Honda raised the Mobilio a bit and improved the cabin. Great for families on a budget.

Honda Civic Type R

TGP says: There’s nothing else to be said. All we can do is thank the gods who have given us 316hp of hot hatch heaven.

Honda CR-V

TGP says: Established SUV makers are losing sleep because of the CR-V's diesel variant.

Hyundai Creta

TGP says: The Creta is a subcompact crossover, and thus competes in the same segment as the popular Ford EcoSport.

Hyundai H350

TGP says: The Grandia had better watch out for this massive Hyundai offering.


Kia Picanto

TGP says: It's got the style and personality to make you fall in love with it. What a charmer.

Kia Rio

TGP says: Perhaps the best-looking model in this highly competitive segment.


Lexus LC500

TGP says: You will be intimidated by its concept-car looks, but be blown away by the total driving experience.


Maserati Levante

TGP says: Its Ferrari-built heart will make your own race with excitement.

Mazda CX-5

TGP says: Quickly becoming the go-to crossover. Looks even better now, too.

Mazda CX-9

TGP says: With its familiar styling, the CX-9 returns to the market with a smaller-displacement turbocharged engine.

Mini Countryman

TGP says: The Countryman has grown much bigger, but remains a Mini in every sense.


Porsche Panamera

TGP says: You can't say anything bad about how the Panamera looks now.


Subaru Impreza

TGP says: This is the first Subaru to ride on the brand's new global platform. Success is critical.

Subaru XV

TGP says: The previous model was a big hit. Will the new one prove to be as huge?


Volkswagen Crafter

TGP says: Volkswagen Philippines enters the commercial vehicle segment with the carmaker's biggest van on offer.

Volkswagen Tiguan

TGP says: Volkswagen is now better prepared to duke it out in the hotly contested compact crossover segment.

Volvo S90

TGP says: Volvo's new flagship executive sedan boasts the latest technology and safety features.

Volvo V90 Cross Country

TGP says: The Swedish carmaker is big on cross country wagons. The V90 Cross Country is their latest offering.

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