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You can still buy one though
If you're planning to buy a BMW 1-Series M Coupe but haven't gotten around to doing so, now would be a good time as the German carmaker has reportedly wrapped up its production."Production of the 1-Series M
Are you one of the lucky buyers?
Asian Carmakers Corporation (ACC) has just launched the 1-Series M Coupe and we've learned that BMW's allotment for the Philippine market is already sold out.According to Glen Dasig, ACC's executive director for sales and marketing, BMW allocated
Can't get enough?
Can't get enough of the 1-Series M Coupe and the 6-Series convertible? Neither can we. And since we couldn't bring you to Asian Carmakers' launch on July 29 (what with the rain and all), we've decided to
We suggest you check it out
This is probably the only time you shouldn't let bed weather trick you into staying at home as BMW vehicles are waiting for you at the BMW Xpo inside the NBC Tent in Taguig City. See and feel BMW vehicles from
Check these babies out
Now may be a good time for you to hold on to your seat as Asian Carmakers Corporation, the official importer and distributor of BMW in the Philippines, has brought in two exciting cars to the market: the 1-Series M Coupe
Is this for real or is it just camera trick?
If you've seen the latest Top Gear episode, you know that Jeremy Clarkson thinks the BMW 1-Series M Coupe is a "brilliant, brilliant car." For a man as opinionated and critical as Clarkson to give his blessing to what is
Fast enough for you?
German car magazine Sport Auto recently ran the BMW 1-Series M Coupe around the famed Nurburgring circuit in eight minutes and 15 seconds. While it's still impressive, it's still three seconds slower than what claimed in December
It could be gone before you know it
With its small, lightweight body and powerful 3.0-liter engine, the BMW 1-Series M Coupe looks to be an instant favorite among car guys and girls. However, news that the model will only be produced for just one year is
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