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The French racer is now home
As the 2014 Formula 1 season heads into its final stretch, a sad overtone lingers over the proceedings. Somewhere in the world, 25-year-old Marussia driver Jules Bianchi is still fighting for his life.Details have been scarce since the accident,
Illuminating a high-speed race at night
This weekend marks the seventh running of the Singapore Grand Prix, notable as the first Formula 1 event to be held completely at night, held under high-powered artificial lights. While there were those who doubted the idea would work, it has
Quite a predictable race
From the controversies and the unpredictability of the Belgian Grand Prix, Formula 1 moved on to the more predictable round at Monza in Italy. Why was it predictable, you ask? Because it was held on a power track. And from the first
The rules of full-throttle engagement
In the fallout from the incident between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton on Lap 2 of the Belgian Grand Prix, fierce debates flared up on whether the young German deserved a penalty for the incident. That there is a debate at all
Lots of surprises!
After the three-week summer break, Formula 1 is back. And man, what an entertaining race the Belgian Grand Prix was!The tension between the Merc boys is increasing with each round, and may it continue to do so. We say, let
Here's an overview
As early as preseason testing, Formula 1's team bosses have predicted that most of their drivers will be forced to take grid drops for exceeding their power-unit allocations. The rules governing their usage are about as complicated as the power
New driver for Caterham team
Kamui Kobayashi will not race in the Belgian GP this weekend to give way to Andre Lotterer (in photo below). Although Caterham has stated that Kobayashi remains part of the team, the Japanese driver has been in a rocky position ever since
A look at some of the contrasting results
What a race to cap the first half of the season! It didn't even matter that the predicted rain arrived less than an hour before the race--it meant a grid start on intermediate tires, followed by a guessing game as
Stopping isn't that simple anymore
It's not only actual propulsion that Formula 1's new turbo V6 hybrid power unit has massively affected in the cars this year. Engineers have had to rethink the braking system, too, because whenever the MGU-K captures heat energy under
Victory by a German driver in a German car
Ze Germans must be enjoying all their recent sporting successes, ja? Their World Cup victory just over a week ago was very much well-deserved, and we wouldn't begrudge them another Formula 1 drivers' championship, too, if that championship is clinched
What's the big FRIC-king deal?
In the lead up to the German Grand Prix, the big buzz in the paddock is over a new technical directive outlawing interconnected suspension systems. There are a lot of raised eyebrows over the timing of this announcement, as championship leader Mercedes
Silverstone is a track that suits those silver cars
It's round nine of the Formula 1 championship. Do we expect any other team apart from Mercedes to be on top? Er, no. Silverstone is a track that suits those silver cars, so it's difficult to see otherwise. Nico Rosberg
How does it work?
Going into Silverstone, expectations are high that the racing between Mercedes teammates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg will be close, as this is a track where both drivers excel. What is perhaps unexpected is that Williams is now a legitimate contender for
The hills are alive with the sound of love
It's been over a decade since the last Formula 1 race in Austria, and the atmosphere was electric. The Red Bull Ring, formerly the A1 Ring, is fast and extremely challenging, with huge elevation changes and tricky braking zones. This is
The Red Bulls have proven themselves
As we head to the Red Bull Ring in Austria--formerly known as the A1 Ring--for the first time in 11 years, and with Red Bull Racing on a high from capturing a rare win from the so-far dominant Mercedes
So you like F1, eh?
The Wall of Champions. The mere mention of the infamous wall on the start-finish straight sends shivers down many a driver's spine. But one of the more controversial incidents at the action-packed Canadian Grand Prix was noteworthy mostly by
Understanding Mercedes V6's split turbo
The Canadian Grand Prix is one of the few venues on the calendar where the new Formula is expected to produce lap times approaching those of previous years. While this year's cars are down on mechanical and aerodynamic grip from cars
Infighting took things up a notch
Monaco. Sun, sand and casinos make it one of the most popular destinations for the European jet set. With the greatest per capita concentration of supercars and exotics anywhere in the world, it seems a natural venue for Formula 1. Normally, it'
What is it about tires that is so difficult to get right?
The Monaco Grand Prix is perhaps the most prestigious race on the Formula 1 calendar. Not just for the racing itself. The tight and twisty circuit, winding through the streets of the seaside city, is one of the most beautiful "tracks" anywhere
The feud is finally on
It is said that the rain in Spain falls mainly on Narain (Karthikeyan). But since the World's Fastest Indian isn't on the Formula 1 grid this year, all we got this weekend was the occasional droplet on the cameras, leaving
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