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Rosberg finds his stride too late
Nico Rosberg's fifth win this season really gets us thinking that if he'd only managed such performances earlier this year, watching the Brazilian Grand Prix would've been much more worth missing out on precious sleep.The German driver--now
Let's catch up on some F1 news
Long-time Formula 1 viewers know this by now: Yes, we have another early (or late, depending on how you look at it) call time this weekend. For the third race running this year. We've got circles under our eyes about
For once, Rosberg emerges dominant
It has been over two decades since the last Mexican Grand Prix was held at the historic Hermanos Rodriguez Autodrome. While the infamous near-300kph Peraltada--now called the Mansell Corner--has been neutered in the name of safety, the bumpy, slippery
Get your Red Bull ready!
We've now reached the 18th round of the 2015 Formula 1 season, and some of you may be wondering why we still need to watch this race, when Lewis Hamilton already won the drivers' championship by technical knockout back at the
Lewis Hamilton bags 2015 championship
This tweet by Mercedes best sums up the crazy and eventful United States Grand Prix:There are no words left for this race... #F1 #USGPIf you put together all the incidents, overtakes, lead changes and strategy battles that happened over the course
Mercedes wins constructors' title
One title down, one more to go.With four races left to run, Mercedes is racing toward a conclusion that has seemed inevitable from well before halfway through the season.Initially, it looked like Lewis Hamilton and the Silver Arrows would have
The start of the 5-race homestretch
Just like that and we have come to Round 15 of this Formula 1 season. Russia is this weekend's host country, marking the second time a grand prix will be run at the recently renamed Sochi Autodrom, which had its inaugural
Hamilton now leads by 48 points
Despite missing out on pole when Saturday qualifying was red-flagged in the final minutes due to Daniil Kvyat's massive crash, Lewis Hamilton made an aggressive start from P2 to nab the lead from Nico Rosberg and win the Japanese GP.
This circuit will show true pecking order
Konnichiwa! If you're a Formula 1 fan, and if you're like most of us on the Top Gear team who have a love affair with Japan, then you probably have a deep appreciation for the Suzuka Circuit. This unique figure-
A 3rd victory for Vettel and Ferrari
The Singapore Grand Prix, in five words: A textbook Sebastian Vettel win. The German went back to the tactics he had perfected during his Red Bull days, getting part of the job done on Saturday with a mighty lap for P1, and
It’s time for a street party
Anybody watching from the trackside in Singapore this weekend? Have fun, guys--and don't forget to wave at us when the cameras pan your way. Just make sure you keep yourself cool and hydrated, because the heat and humidity in the
Hamilton keeps victory after tire inquiry
Ciao a tutti! This last round in Italy was, at best, uneventful, but it happened to feature three noteworthy events, the last of which didn't even become fully apparent until after the race. Let's go over them one by one.
The race for Ferrari fanatics
Crimson-flooded grandstands and wild, passionate cheers from the crowd could only mean one thing: The tifosi have come in droves to worship the Prancing Horse at the Temple of Speed.Put simply, Formula 1 has arrived in Monza for the Italian
No surprises here, folks
After a long break, Formula 1 returned to the fabled Spa-Francorchamps track in Belgium. This high-speed track, with its tricky dips and crests, always makes for good racing, though one can't help but wonder if the FIA ought to
It's Formula 1 weekend again, guys!
La Source. Eau Rouge. Raidillon. Blanchimont. These--especially the second and third in combination--are some of the most revered corners in the history of Formula 1, and over the years, they've been the scene of racing mastery and catastrophe in
Vettel wins as Merc drivers mess up
Just how full-on bonkers was this race? The whole thing was definitely shaken, not stirred! What's crazy: Sebastian Vettel--not Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg--took the win. Crazier: No Mercs on the podium--they were beaten by the Red
We're now at season's halfway point
So, one more race before Formula 1 goes on a mid-year summer break. Hungary is this weekend's stop, and given the Hungaroring's tight and twisty nature, the teams will look back particularly on what they've learned from the
Some excitement for a change!
Lewis Hamilton may have won the British Grand Prix, but it took the defending champion a lot more effort as the fickle weather and the much-improved cars of Williams provided him with hefty challenges to overcome. Even Nico Rosberg and Sebastian
A quick history lesson
Silverstone Circuit is not only the so-called home of British motorsport, but also one of the longest-existing venues on the Formula 1 calendar. Though there had been events dubbed the 'British Grand Prix' (held in Brooklands) before the series was
Advantage: Rosberg
After 71 laps of racing that culminated in another Mercedes one-two cruise, our best takeaway from the Austrian Grand Prix is this: Lewis Hamilton's championship lead over Nico Rosberg is down to just 10 points.That's courtesy of a
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