Articles about 2016 Formula 1 Season

There was a lot of swearing at the Mexican GP
Still think modern Formula 1 drivers are too constrained? While Lewis Hamilton kept his title hopes alive by winning his 51st Grand Prix in Mexico, ahead of Nico Rosberg, elsewhere his rivals were having very public meltdowns.Both Fernando Alonso and Sebastian
Hamilton takes championship lead
With 10 races left on the calendar, the driver standings shift toward the other Mercedes driver. It's the kind of situation that a racing team both relishes and worries about. Here are the highlights from the Hungarian Grand Prix.1. Lewis
Mercedes drivers make contact again
One of the Mercedes drivers will likely win the championship. Problem is their increasingly aggressive tactics. Here are the rest of the highlights from the past Formula 1 weekend.1. Lewis Hamilton clinched victory after last-lap contact with Nico Rosberg. Hamilton
The races are getting tighter
Mercedes dominated again, but Ferrari almost clinched the Canadian Grand Prix victory. And it seems like the other teams are catching up. Here are the highlights from this past weekend.1. Lewis Hamilton won his fifth Canadian GP. The world champion qualified
Lewis Hamilton finally has his day
As what happens in Monaco when it rains, cars slide and team strategies are tested. The most prestigious race on the calendar certainly didn't disappoint this year. Here are the highlights.1. Red Bull's mistake gifted Lewis Hamilton the victory.
Max Verstappen FTW!
All the talk of this year's Formula 1 season becoming a bore came to a halt, as yesterday's race reminded everyone of how unpredictable a grand prix could be. Nico Rosberg's winning streak ended, and a surprise victor emerged.
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