Articles about 3D Printing

Watch out for curbs, though
This is a wheel. It is used on motor vehicles to allow forward motion. Functional, then. Often, humans like to fit unnecessarily big wheels onto their motor vehicles because, well, humans.And if they want really complicated design patterns on their really
Is this the best electric vehicle ever?
The headline pretty much sums up a) everything that you need to know about this micro EV, and b) everything that is excellent about this micro EV. Meet Honda's Hato sablé delivery van, which the company has dubbed as its "Micro
Want to produce an Aston Martin replica?
You see that sick two-door coupe on display over there? That's going to set you back a couple of million bucks. You're not just paying for the car per se--you're also shelling out for distribution, taxes, marketing,
Courtesy of maker of the Rally Fighter
Well, it didn't take that long for somebody to finally consider something like this.With 3D printers being all the rage these days--even the ubiquitous CD-R King can sell you one for P100,000--Local Motors, the manufacturer of
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