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These will be used by hospitals, first responders, and healthcare workers
Here's how to spot them, too
Tint is all that stands between your car's interior and the consequences of mankind's unending dependence on fossil fuels. It keeps harmful rays out and plays a part in keeping you and your passengers cool during drives.There are a
Thinking of personalizing your car?
Multinational conglomerate 3M is joining the vehicle wrapping business in the Philippines through its car wrap's exclusive distributor, Winterpine Marketing. And at the sixth Manila Auto Salon this coming weekend, the 3M Vehicle Wrap Film Series 1080 will be showcased through
What's the connection?
We use masking tape all the time--at home and in the office. We bet, however, that you have no idea where it came from. Well, we have the car industry to thank for the invention of this very helpful household item.
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