Never activate these on asphalt roads
In the world of 4WDs, locking differentials-aka differential locks or 'lockers,' as they are known in off-road-speak-are like magic tools.Before we go further, let it be said that lockers are only used for very extreme conditions. They'
Happy trails!
Your heart is pounding like it's about to jump out of your chest. You're short of breath, and you experience tunnel vision, seeing only what's in front of you. No, you're not about to knock on the door
We think so
There's no doubt that the Rainforest Challenge (RFC) is one of the most grueling off-road motorsport competitions in the world. It takes more than simply having the toughest 4WD vehicle around to take part in this event. A holistic approach
And when should you use them?
So you recently purchased a 4WD vehicle, and you suddenly see these strange buttons, knobs and levers with what looks like Greek lettering. Things like 4Hi, 4Hi L, 4WD Low L, differential lock, traction control, and so on. More recent models will
Rugged classics
In the 4WD off-roading world, a classic 4WD is a vehicle that has maintained key characteristic components, even through decades of model changes. Furthermore, its current model has to have said components that it had in the first model, the ones
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