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Stretching a sports car's legs up north
We get to know the car for a few short hours
First things first: The Toyota 86 is simply known as, well, the Toyota 86. It goes by that name in Japan so JDM fanatics shouldn't have a hard time remembering it. In Europe, however, it's known as the GT86, while
We read between the lines to find out
Honda loyalists, particularly those that lean toward sporty performance, have been lamenting the Japanese carmaker's absence in the sports car market. After all, Honda's last foray into it was the S2000, which ceased to be produced in 2009.That'll
By Vehicle Dynamics International
Subaru and Toyota are reaping the benefit of what both carmakers have put into the BRZ and 86 twins, as both cars were named Car of the Year by Vehicle Dynamics International. VDI is the official magazine of Vehicle Dynamics Expo, a
We know you want to play with it
While we're still waiting for Motor Image Pilipinas (Subaru's distributor in our market) to bring the BRZ here, we can at least fantasize about what we can do with it by playing with its online configurator at,
Something to do over the weekend?
So, you'd like a Toyota 86 but you can't wait for Toyota Motor Philippines to bring it here? (Although, if you ask us, this car is arriving really soon.) Well, you can now get your hands on one but you'
Help our letter sender decide
I've been reading your replies to other readers for quite some time now and I really like the advice you give--short, direct, and concise--so I thought of finally dropping you a note on what I've been thinking about
At least in the United States
Toyota has revealed the price of its entry-level sports car and it's not far from Hyundai's asking price of the Genesis Coupe--at least in the United States.To be sold under the Scion brand name and badged as
To keep up with demand
Production of the Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 may have started at Fuji Heavy Industries' (FH)) plant in Gunma Prefecture in Japan just last week yet the transportation conglomerate has revealed it is planning to produce 100,000 units of the two
Coming soon to the Subaru and Toyota dealerships near you
Production of the Subaru BRZ and the Toyota 86 has officially started at Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.'s (FHI) plant in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. "The car symbolizes our corporate strategy in two significant aspects: good progress of our alliances; and advancement of
Old-school meets new-school
The Toyota 86 is the latest in the Japanese carmaker's long line of sports car. To pay homage to 86's humble origin, Toyota had its newest rear-wheel drive sports coupe share the track with its very first production sports
Drive it ahead of everyone else!
Toyota finally unveiled the 86, the production version of the FT-86 concept car, at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show. Although it's due to go on sale sometime in 2012, you could already get behind the wheel of this highly anticipated
Excited yet?
The Toyota GT 86, one of the most-anticipated cars launched at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show, is coming to the Philippines very soon. This was confirmed by no less than Toyota Motor Philippines president Michinobu Sugata, who said the sports car
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