Not a surprise
Welcome to Daikoku PA. By day, an unassuming service station car park on the outskirts of Yokohama, Japan. A place where drivers and truckers stop for some ramen and a rest.But by night, it's one of the most fascinating places
A modern take on a classic vehicle
Electric-powered AE 86 drift car. Now, now, we know what you're thinking: "An all-electric Toyota AE 86?! Blasphemy!" But give this thing a chance, or, you know, wait until the video hits the 12-minute mark. You'll be
RWD + affordable + light = fun
You know a true enthusiast's car when people refer to it by its internal code. Launched in 1983, the AE86 (or Hachi-Roku) was the 1600cc, RWD variant of the fifth-generation Toyota Corolla. You could get it with one of
Father knows best
It was the star attraction in the manga-based anime Initial-D. It has attained classic status even before its elder brethren. This is the Toyota "Hachi-Roku" as it is popularly known , which is a nickname derived from its internal AE86
Prepare for a shot of nostalgia
Your eyes do not deceive you. What you're seeing is a Toyota 86 created in the image of Takumi Fujiwara's legendary AE86 from Initial D. Got your hopes up? To be honest, so did we.At first glance, we actually
According to his race engineer and friend
When he was still alive, Filipino race car driver Enzo Pastor apparently made known his wish for his ashes to be put inside his car's engine after his death. This was revealed to our sister website by Pastor's
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