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Honda has ceased NSX production...again
They stood out in the briefest of appearances
Say what you will about the film (just not 'Martha', please), there is one truly shining, unexpected motoring moment. Not when Batman literally guns down goons in his cartoonish Batmobile, but when Bruce Wayne pulls up to a lavish gala in an
This limited-edition model marks the end of the second-gen NSX
Honda has officially unveiled the new NSX Type S, the final version and last hurrah of the second-generation NSX.It doesn't look any different from the standard second-gen NSX, save for a few tweaks including the new exclusive matte
The performance nameplate is making its comeback this year
As many of you may already know by now, Acura is resurrecting its famed Type S badge. As a matter of fact, we've already gotten a glimpse of a new high-performance sedan bearing the Type S moniker in the new
Three units will join the race
No fewer than three Honda NSXs will ping their way up the Pikes Peak hill climb next month. Well, we say Honda, but held as it is in Americaland, the NSXs will wear Acura badges for their journey to over 4,000m
It's two seconds faster than the current model around Suzuka
The refreshed Honda NSX just launched at the Monterey Car Week may not have drastic styling changes or even a slight power upgrade, but Honda has made sure it handles better than before, without compromising daily drivability.For this 2019 model, the
Set to compete in 2017
Acura has always been synonymous with premium luxury. The brand ranks right up there with the likes of Lexus, competing for a share of the upscale automotive pie. But despite its reputation, motorsport still remains in the company's genes. This is
Can you guess the figure?
Would you pay a million US dollars for a brand-new car? While that sum might be understandable in the case of timeless classics and rare vehicles, it's very uncommon for regular production models to fetch such an amount. It might
To help you stand out more
Honda and its luxury brand Acura don't exactly have the cars that you'd associate with the word "bespoke." The usual types of customized Hondas you'd often see are EK- or FD-series Civics dressed up à la Fast & Furious.So
Bask in JDM glory
There was a time, during the long wait for the NSX replacement, that a new model became a matter of "if" instead of "when." But at the ongoing North American International Auto Show, Honda, through its American Acura premium division, ultimately unveiled
To debut at Detroit Auto Show in January
It looks like we don't have to wait too long to finally see the production version of the all-new Honda NSX. Through Honda's luxury car brand Acura, the Japanese carmaker has announced that the production model of the NSX
And what I'd like it to mean
There's a lot of big news coming out of the Detroit motor show. But the most significant tidbit for me is the concept NSX, which debuted in 2012 and was briefly seen in The Avengers as Tony Stark's new sports
Apparently the automotive choice of Marvel superheroes
If you saw the blockbuster movie The Avengers over the weekend, you would've noticed the prominent placement of Acura vehicles in some of the scenes. That was no accident or coincidence as Honda's luxury brand had really been tapped by
The funniest commercial yet!
How do you spell "unfair"? This is the first time that Acura is placing a spot in a Super Bowl telecast, and already it has resorted to cheating. How? By hiring comedians and car freaks Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno to star
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