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Racing games are a tricky thing to get right, much less to sustain after a game's initial success. Developers have to build upon a concept that's been tried and done dozens of times over, while trying to maintain a sense
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Time really flies. Especially if you own an RWB Porsche sports car.A year and a half ago, we first announced the arrival of RAUH-Welt Begriff in the Philippines via Ian King's Car Porn Racing auto modification outfit. RWB is
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Car Porn Racing's Ian King recently shot us an e-mail with a handful of glorious photos featuring his garage's latest RAUH-Welt Begriff project. You will recall that Ian flew in RWB legend Akira Nakai last month to work
A legend in the Japanese tuning world
If you have access to the Internet and love cars, then chances are you've seen Akira Nakai's creations. If not, Google "RWB Porsche" right now and get yourself up to speed.For some time now, Akira Nakai has been a
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