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An admirable endeavor
Almost half a century has passed since the last female driver featured in an F1 race: in 1976, Lella Lombardi took her Brabham-Ford to 12th at the Austrian Grand Prix, a feat that hasn't been repeated since.Nor has her
This was a fun day
Formula 1 is back! And for 2022, there's a whole new set of car design rules for the teams to chew over: regulations supposed to reduce the 'dirty air' made by all those wings and vanes. Less dirty air means cars
The team will sport a pink flipped livery for the first two races of the season
Alpine has finally pulled the wraps off the A522. It gets a striking new livery that combines the traditional blue of Alpine with the pink of ex-Racing Point and Aston Martin sponsor BWT. Looks fantastic, doesn't it?For the first
The best way to spend an F1 break? With history lessons, of course...
This you probably know already: Max Verstappen claimed his first Formula 1 world title over the weekend, but Mercedes successfully defended its constructors' championship. What you might not know yet: Sir Jackie Stewart, a triple world champion himself, can take some pride
The two-time champion is staying at Alpine
Big news in the world of Formula 1, and no it's not that season four of Netflix's Drive to Survive has been confirmed for an early 2022 release.Nope, we're talking about Fernando Alonso. The 40-year-old has
It packs a 288hp 1.8-liter four-banger and can do 0-100kph in 4.4sec
Alpine's future may look electric, but the very much gasoline-powered A110 sports car continues service until new projects come along.And this might be its 'best of all worlds' option. It's the Legende GT 2021, a limited edition that
“The idea of putting F1 at the core gives Alpine credibility as a company”
Renault's CEO Luca de Meo has the mother and father of turnaround plans to implement. He's recently set the ailing French giant on a streamlined new course, teasing us with an all-new, pure-electric Renault 5 and-unexpectedly-positioning
The model will arrive by 2025
Heavyweight news, delivered by two of the car world's lightweight stars. Alpine and Lotus have today confirmed plans to play together in the sandbox of electricity-specifically, to develop a fully-electric sports car. Yep, we're gonna need a bigger-
Build it!
Welcome to the best thing we've seen so far this year-a higher-riding, wider Alpine A110 inspired by the rally cars of the company's past. Unfortunately, the A110 SportsX is not a third derivative of the model, to be
Supra vs. Porsche Cayman, BMW M2 Competition, and Alpine A110. Bring it on
As racetracks go, windswept, patchy Llandow is not one of the world's greats. But it is somewhere we can cut loose. As driving roads go, Llandudno's jogger-heavy Marine Drive is not one of the world's greats. But it
Check out part three of our Supra mega-test
Make no mistake-there's a battle going on for what makes a car a success. But it's not so much a war of words as it is a bleeding-knuckles, last-man-standing melee between words and numbers. It's '
Worth it?
Imagine you have a spare P85,000 lying around somewhere and you're only allowed to spend it on your ride. From the top of your head, what's the first upgrade you'd buy with it?A few options come to
According to big boss Carlos Ghosn
Renault Group boss Carlos Ghosn arrived at yesterday's Alpine Vision reveal in Monaco trailed by a phalanx of cameras, popping flashes, and flustered minions. Most major politicians don't have an entourage this attentive, but the fact that the grandest of
Check out the car
The joint Renault/Caterham partnership may have been established just over four months ago--in November 2012, to be exact--yet Alpine, the brand born out of the partnership, has already revealed its entry for both the 2013 24 Hours of Le
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