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Japanese hybrid now on 4th generation
We all know that the Toyota Prius is an economical car. We've driven this amazing hybrid and achieved stellar numbers even while braving horrendous gridlock. So we're pleased that the all-new 2016 Prius still promises all this, along with
We drive one to find out
Twenty years ago, BYD was a battery supplier with no automotive ambitions. Today, it sells thousands of e6 units every year in China, while the newer 300hp Qin hybrid is a runaway bestseller, trouncing cheap electric microcars as well as the Tesla
The benefits can no longer be ignored
The clamor to pass laws supporting hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) is becoming a tired tune. But there's no avoiding progress; the so-called alternative-fuel vehicles are here to stay. The government is only delaying the inevitable.In fact, a
There is hope for sure
We\'ve seen cars evolve through the years. These vehicles continue to reap the benefits of research--getting more powerful, having more in-car entertainment and safety features, and becoming more fuel-efficient.This evolution cannot be found in our local mass
World's largest supplier of rechargeable batteries
BYD Auto may be a new player in the Philippine automotive industry, but it has been producing cars for the Chinese market for 10 years already. What's even more interesting is that parent firm BYD Company is reportedly one of the
How much did it reportedly cost him?
As we reported yesterday, Meralco officially inaugurated its prototype electric vehicle charging station called the Meralco eVehicle Power Station. To show his commitment to the company\'s project, Meralco chairman Manny Pangilinan imported a fully electric Tesla Model S sedan from the
...the Alternative Fuel Vehicles Incentives Act is passed into law
Only a few carmakers are currently selling hybrid vehicles in the Philippines since the cost of importing these is cost-prohibitive. You can actually count them with just one hand: Toyota (and Lexus), Mercedes-Benz and--next week--Honda. As for purely
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