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The garage is still unfinished, but it’s looking wicked cool already
A lot of things have changed for Angie Mead King throughout this pandemic. She moved to her farm, closed all her Victoria Court branches, and shut down Car Porn Racing. It's been quite the year (and a half) for her.But
“Hopefully, one day we can bounce back”
Back in August, we reported that Angie Mead King was in the process of wrapping up Car Porn Racing operations in Taguig. Now, the garage is officially no more. Fans may want to break out some tissue for this one.In an
‘Hectic’ is probably an understatement
Earlier this year, Car Porn Racing broke the aftermarket community's heart with the news that it was closing its doors permanently come June. Well, it's August now, and the company is working double-time to take care of unfinished business
For anyone considering joining local motorsports
Remember when people viewed the Miata as a 'hairdresser' car? Yeah, neither do we. The ND hasn't just proven itself to be capable of tackling a twisty or two-it has solidified its place as a legitimate motorsport companion.Just ask
Thankfully, it looks like she’ll be pretty active on YouTube
In case you haven't heard by now, Car Porn Racing is now more. Angie Mead King made the difficult decision to cease the aftermarket garage's operations this month due to a number of factors, including ballooning rent costs, the COVID-
‘Everyone is asking, ‘Why, Angie, why are you closing Car Porn Racing?’
In May 2021, Angie Mead King announced that Car Porn Racing was closing down-the end of the line for one of the most prominent names in the Philippine aftermarket and modding community.At the time, all King posted on social media
It can be fitted with an actual RWB steering wheel, too
If you follow car enthusiast Angie Mead King, you probably know that these days, she's living the farm life somewhere we assume is a good distance away from the metro. Consequently, she doesn't get to drive around racetracks often anymore
A sad day for the auto industry
A sad update from the local auto industry today. You've probably seen the news circulating on social media by now, but we're here to confirm that it's true: Car Porn Racing, one of the local aftermarket scene's most
The hotel and motel industry has been hit hard
Angie King is a well-respected name in the car community. She not only has fine taste in automobiles, but she really knows how to drive them as well. King is also a businesswoman, and a member of the family that owns
Another epic build
Whenever Akira Nakai of RWB fame drops by, you know that there is something special brewing at the Car Porn Racing garage. You can check out the first story we did about the spectacle in 2013 by clicking here.We said this
The new garage just opened
Angie King's a pretty busy woman these days. The hardcore gearhead's been trotting the globe racing Ferraris and managing her local auto outfit, Car Porn Racing, in between. And she's dabbing into luxurious world of exotics, too.This current
Check out this video from her race weekend in Mugello, Italy
If there's one person who can go home with the Motoring Personality of 2017 Award, it has to be Angie King. She's been kicking ass in the Ferrari Challenge, and TGP has been following her races and sharing news of
A true work of art
I remember the last time I surprised my wife with a gift: It was a red Casio G-shock digital watch for Christmas. I was a proud husband, seeing her wear her gift everyday after she opened it. Fast forward a few
She's going strong in the series
After a solid second place finish at the 2017 Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific Japan leg, Angie King was able to beat everyone in her Pirelli AM class, and land the top podium spot in the Malaysia leg held over the weekend. Racing
She placed second at the Ferrari Challenge in Japan
Not bad at all. Angie King, with relatively little professional racing experience, managed to impress in round four of the 2017 Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific held at Fuji Speedway, Japan.Angie was admittedly nervous when she took to the track in her
Caitlyn Jenner tagged along, too
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. The couple that drives together, thrives together. Angie King's SEMA-famous 'Black Manta' Corvette was recently out in the open for a car
Car love always wins
Car Porn Racing has raised the bar when it comes to the fit, finish and attitude of project cars in the Philippines. Every completed car that drives out of the garage becomes a celebrity of sorts, and we've even heard people
Happy wife, happy life
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. If you need further proof that Angie and Joey Mead King are a car lover's couple goals, look no further than the blacked
A celebration of manhood
While the month of March is known for celebrations of everything women, last February 18 Rogin-E held a ManCon (man convention) to celebrate men who are at the top of their game. The event in Metrowalk showcased different testosterone-fueled interests
It's all about inspiration
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. If you're into cars, chances are you know (or at least have heard of) Angie King and Car Porn Racing-two of the
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