From fashion piece to health assistant
When Tim Cook unveiled the first Apple Watch in 2014, he said the aim was simple: to make the best watch in the world.Apple wasn't first with the smartwatch, but it was the one people were waiting for. With the
Less distractions for your chauffeur
Bentley is the latest carmaker to utilize the tech wizardry of the Apple Watch, which will now allow the smartwatch to control various functions of the hot new Bentayga SUV. This is done through a new app that enables passengers to "talk"
Helping make life easier on the road
Technology is definitely changing the way we drive. You can unlock and start your car without fishing out the key from your pocket, for example. While driving, you're guided by all these radar, traction and stability systems, as well as cushioned
Your car can now behave like KITT
With the Apple Watch being delivered to its first adopters recently, BMW and Porsche are among the first car brands to announce that their vehicles can be connected to the tech giant's latest product.Through the i Remote app for BMW
Proof the 2 companies think alike
Unless you were living under a rock last week, you might have heard that Apple launched its newest iPhones as well as the Apple Watch. As usual, the tech industry and the rest of the world received the news excitedly.Amid all
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