Break out those credit cards
All right, so Apple has finally dropped its iPhone 14 lineup. Naturally, the devices feature a handful of upgrades over their predecessors-but we all know that's not the first thing that popped into most buyers' minds when the news broke
This is only until the end of the month
In case you still aren't aware, the iPhone 14 is coming soon-which means you're likely to find some pretty neat deals on older-generation iPhones during the lead-up to the launch.Power Mac Center, for example, is holding
Would you use this feature?
Okay, we know that paying for fuel is probably the last thing many of you want to hear about right now-but trust us, this is worth it.According to a recent report by Reuters, motorists will soon be able to pay
They’ll be joined by ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ director Joseph Kosinski
Apple Studios has confirmed it is working on a new Formula 1 film by the director of Top Gun: Maverick Joseph Kosinski. Brad Pitt will star, and seven-time F1 champion Sir Lewis Hamilton will be producing it.Everyone on board? Good.
One port to rule them all
If you've not read about the Apple CarPlay updates that will drop with iOS 16, the gist is that the new operating system will allow your phone to push content to multiple screens, customize the look of the instrument cluster, and
CarPlay will also have control over in-car functions such as the A/C soon
It's that time of the year again for Apple to lay down all its new tech and hardware at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). For this year, the company has released the new iOS 16, and it comes with massive updates
The application of this feature remains limited, though
Yes, we know that losing your driver's license is incredibly unlikely considering it just sits inside your wallet all day. Anyone who's ever lost it, however, will tell you that dealing with the ordeal can be a serious pain in
Take your pick
An expensive gadget designed to help you achieve your goals can also give you the impetus to pursue a lofty new year's resolution -because buyer's remorse is a pretty good motivator.Kidding aside, here are eight tech gifts you can
When do you think tech like this will reach us?
Our motoring future is a digital one. We aren't just referring to autonomous vehicles or advanced in-car connectivity features, either. Even our driver's licenses will one day ditch plastic and ink in favor of a touchscreen display.Starting 2022,
Now under the brand Foxtron
Unless you're incredibly tech-savvy, you've probably never heard of Foxconn, the world's largest supplier of the iPhone. Trading as Hon Hai Technology Group, the Taiwanese company has decided its large (if also anonymous) slice of the smartphone market
The tech could become an interface that controls almost the entire car
Apple's smartphone connectivity tech has come a long way since its launch, with CarPlay now offering more features and services than ever. But it looks like Apple wants its tech to be more than just a basic interface for music and
Who needs an Apple Car anyway?
Jony Ive, the man responsible for designing some of Apple's most iconic products (including the iMac and iPhone) is taking his talents to the auto industry.On September 27, Ferrari holding company Exor announced that it had signed a "long term,
Pro and Pro Max models now get 120Hz displays
It's that time of the year again when Apple takes center stage in the tech world. As expected, taking the spotlight in this year's showcase is the all-new iPhone 13.The latest version of Apple's flagship smartphone takes
Those of you who use performance motorcycles on the regular might want to be careful about what kind of smartphone you take with you during rides: Apple has warned that high-power motorcycle engines can "degrade" the camera systems of some of
Helpful for both motorists and commuters alike
Earlier this year, Google rolled out some handy updates to Google Maps' Live View function. Luckily for Apple users, it appears a similar feature will soon be made available on iOS.Apple has just announced the latest iOS 15 update, and the
Think the Apple car will push through?
If you're an Apple fanboy waiting eagerly for the tech giant to confirm plans to build a car, you've probably been holding your breath for quite a while already.Rumors of the iPhone maker jumping into the auto industry have
Or it’s in the pipeline, at least
Is an Apple car happening or not? The constant flow of reports online citing industry sources suggests that the speculation is, at the very least, warranted. But until we hear something official from the Silicon Valley tech giant or any of its
The brand says it’s open to the idea, though
Earlier this year, reports surfaced linking Hyundai to Apple's mysterious autonomous car project. Now, Nissan is supposedly in the mix as well.Not so fast, the Japanese carmaker says.According to a report by Reuters, Nissan has denied reports that it
Make it happen
Is an Apple car really happening? Nothing's set in stone yet, but recent updates indicate the answer may be 'yes.'According to a recent report by CNBC, the US-based tech giant is engaged in talks with Korean car manufacturer Hyundai
This would have been a game-changer
Apple has finally revived plans to pursue producing its own vehicle. Details remain relatively scarce at the moment, but sources say an Apple car is once again a real possibility. In fact, production is reportedly set to start sometime in 2024.A
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